baby shower gift-wrap idea

I am going to a baby shower on Sunday for Justin's cousin's wife.  They are expecting a little girl.  Too sweet!  I get extremely carried away shopping for babies....little clothes, little shoes, fluffy blankets, adorable flower headbands, etc. etc. And may I add just two words....Baby GAP.  (Good thing I stayed away from that place when shopping.)  Oh my is my budget in trouble when I start dressing and buying for little ones of my own.

I had so much fun browsing the baby aisles in search for some fun "goody box" items.  I love putting together goody bags of lots of good stuff instead of buying one big gift.  I went into the store with the intention of finding something practical to wrap in.  This is "green" wrapping and provides something practical to help organize the nursery.  I found this adorable white box for $3 on clearance.  Love the price....more moolah for the baby gifts! I also found a cute pink blanket to line the basket.  I arranged all the goodies in the box, surrounded them with tissue paper, added a raffia bow...and wallah....a pretty twist on wrapping a baby shower gift. 

Doesn't the thought of a newborn just make you say, "awww".

Happy weekend...yay!

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  1. very cute! I had to laugh at the end of your post, because I think I'd re-arrage the letters of what I think of newborns to WAAAAA! :) My last babe was soooo colicky! He's grown out of it by now (at 21 mo) thankgoodness!


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