wordless wednesday

Because I'm way too exhausted to think my way through a blog post tonight...first day back to school after two snow days in a row.  Check out one of Boone's favorite places in the house (his couch)  I love when he sits and looks out like this.....too cute.

blessings, Cait

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  1. Ok. So from what I've seen, you have a nice house & you're a lot like me. SO. We're fostering a pup right now & may end up keeping her. HOW in the world do you NOT have a dog smell!? I've never had a dog, but I know they stink. But then I read on the internet that a dog should not stink unless something is wrong w/ her/him. Well, the reason we're fostering is due to an outbreak of kennel cough. So as she's getting better the smell is decreasing. We're also bathing her. But I'm just curious since the internet (several sites) said that.... is that true? B/c I tell ya, everyone I've ever known that had a dog, you could smell it in their house. Help a girl out here!? LOL =)

  2. Aww!! Too cute :O) Kind of wonder what's going through his head, huh?!

    Love you header pic also. Looks glorious!!!

    Stopping by from SITS!


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