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 Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear theblessedlife,
Happy Birthday to you!

Today marks one year for my blog! What a fun journey it has been and I pray it continues to be! Thanks to all you sweet people that read and comment.  What a joy it is to get to know you all and read your blogs as well! What started out as just a fleeting thought a year ago, has turned into such a special place in my life where I'm able to express myself and share and reflect through a passion of mine, writing.

Two- I'm going to warn you that the only posts I may be able to muster up here for the first few weeks of school are these great link-up type posts.  Please forgive me...every ounce of creativity is being used to make some intense 4th grade content material exciting for 21 little minds.  Pulling out some creative-genius type posts (even ahead of time) is a little much for me at the moment.  Thanks for baring with me!

Three- I won't confess the fact that our Saturday night entertainment was lying on the couch together and trying to come up with every hilarious (clean) video we could think of on YouTube to watch.  This amazing one was one we may have watched at least five or six times.  How do you give birth to such cuteness?!

Four-  I will always have a love for sweet tea.  I am from the south.  Those two things go together.  But the thighs don't seem to appreciate the sweet tea as much as my tastebuds do.  Because of that, I have gotten myself back to drinking unsweetened tea (for some of you this is the only tea you may know, but for us southern gals, it's the "next best thing").  I am loving unsweetened iced tea with lemon right now.  The more ice and the more lemon, the better.

Five- This weekend I was able to catch up with a childhood friend at a friend of ours wedding.  Isn't it so awesome how you can go forever without seeing or talking to someone and still be able to enjoy each other just as much as you did when you were inseparable in elementary school? It was so wonderful to catch up and to even laugh about things that happened back in high school.  The best is when those things make you laugh as much as they did when they actually happened.

Six- Don't tell my hubby.  (Just joking, I've confessed this to him too.)  I've really never gotten into the whole "Disney World" thing.  He grew up going there and loves the place inside and out.  I grew up loving all things Disney princesses, but only went once when I was 5, and never really got into Disney that much.  But I am getting really exciting for Disney World.  I didn't think I would...but I am.  If nothing else, for the fact that my hubby and I will get to be together for six straight days without anyone else (besides the thousands of people at Disney) or anything we have to do.  Can't wait!

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  1. 1. Happy blogiversary!

    2. I know you'll be busy with a new school year!

    3. I love that video...it's SO funny :)

    4. We love sweet tea at our house :) I'm pretty sure my hubby could drink a whole pitcher by himself!

    5. I love catching up with old friends too :)

    6. I've only been to Disney World once...and that was a few years ago! I'm jealous y'all are getting to go :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh how fun..Disney World!!! I've never been a big fan of it either but had went twice when I was real little. I'm sure the two of you will have an excellent time!!!

  3. yay---1 year! Happy birthday to your blog : )
    That baby is HILarious! He is so cute just cracking up like that!! : )
    Maybe you will learn to love unsweet tea--I can't stand sweet tea haha!

  4. I love UNsweet tea! Haha. I'm a Texan! ;)
    And I am WAY excited for you to go to Disney World! I'm a big kid and LOVE that place! If you need someone else to tag along, my schedule could clear up... just sayin!
    Happy blogiversary!


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