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Cleaning.  Yep, I don't like it.  I really don't mind "picking up" and putting things in their correct place (well pretty much...I do get a little tired of hubby's dirty socks and I try my hardest not to pick those up and let him do that dirty work.)  And I really enjoy organizing.  It's such a great feeling to have things in their places and organized.  However, cleaning is something that really is a chore for me.  Literally.  With the busyness of starting school again, I thought I would come up with a little cleaning schedule to keep me on track.  Dorky? Maybe.  Type A tendencies? That's me! (I am a teacher after all.)  But I'm okay with dorky and being type A if it means I can break this task into small parts and make it feasible so dog hair and dust don't consume our home.  I've learned that breaking big tasks down like this into smaller tasks is a must-do in order to not get overwhelmed.  And I'm all about remaining stress-free.  Here's my schedule...now let's just hope I stick to it!

Monday:  Nothing (Mondays are bad enough)
Tuesday:  Dusting
Wednesday: Floors (vacuuming, dusting and shining hardwood floors, using Swifter on tile)
Thursday:  Bathrooms
Friday/Saturday:  Laundry

So what about you? How do you make sure to get all the cleaning completed? Are you on a schedule yourself or do you think I'm pretty crazy? Or maybe you just want to get it off your chest that you really don't do the whole cleaning thing and prefer having time over having a clean floor.  You can be honest.  I won't judge.

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  1. i hope this works well for you! i always have wanted to do a schedule like this, but i end up just knocking it out all at once. but, i know it would be much more manageable to do it like this. let us know how it goes!

  2. Hey girl - hope school is going well!! I think the cleaning schedule is a great idea - break it down. My sister-in-law does something like this, and it really works for her. I have great intentions to one day soon clean like this, but I have a hard time of escaping the "all or nothing" syndrome. Which wouldn't be so bad if "nothing" didn't win out quite often! :)

  3. I try to do it on weekends. But sometimes it doesn't get done and then we end up paying a young girl from our church to do it....she is looking for a part time job and can't find one she wants.
    Weird I know.

  4. I need to get myself on a schedule. Most times I just let it go until i start to notice dust, then I do a cleaning day and do everything at once, but it takes forever. It would be better if I could just do a little each day and keep it up that way.

  5. Oh how I love the dorky,type a schedule! I don't really have a schedule. In the summer I keep on top of things daily. During the school year I vacuum every other day bc I love vacuum marks. Anthony says we will never have carpet again, and that is fine by me. I race to finish landruay before the weekends and then everything else gets finished when my self dianogased OCD kicks in and I can't stand it. That means I am cleaning a lot! Hope the schedule works.

  6. Hmm I have the same issue. Never seem to get things done. Maybe I should create a chore list too...

  7. haha we are so much alike :)
    I made myself a schedule too so I could stay on top of it once school starts! Mine is in the form of a spreadsheet and I have listed each month and all the 'down and dirty' things I want to make sure I do regularly besides just the typical laundry, dishes, sweep, vacuum, etc. that I do every week.

  8. Good idea Cait! I'm the same way: my house is always "neat" (well, except during current chaos like renovation), but not always "clean". Just don't like doing it! My schedule is usually: Monday, dust and water house plants; Tuesday, vacuum and clean bathrooms; and my other "rule" is to try and do one load of laundry every day. That helps me keep on top of things!


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