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One-Oh my goodness.  Literally I feel like that the past two and a half weeks has been one extreme whirlwind.  I don't remember starting school throwing me for such a loop the last two years.  The crazy thing is it hasn't been stressful, just busy.  We have started a new math program and are using a new addition to our curriculum, plus we have changed how we do our planning.  All of these things have seemed to make it near impossible for me to catch my breath.  I think that maybe, just maybe after this week I will have a new method to my organization madness and things will be a bit back to normal.  My goal:  not to bring a 20 pound bag of school stuff home every night to work on.

Two-Not that I ever really got into Oprah (I have just watched her here and there)...but I think it's kinda sad this is her last season.  Kinda the end of an era.

Three-Two words:  Jersey Shore.  Justin and I stopped on that show for a few minutes the other night and watched for the first time.  Seriously the most crazy, random, ignorant show I've ever watched.  I decided that you must have to be influenced by something other than life itself to actually get into that show or understand even a glimpse of the humor.  Pure craziness.

Four-I've only shot a gun once.  It was when my dad was holding it and I sorta got to hold it with him.  We shot at a muskrat that was messing up our pond on our family farm.  (Pretty redneck moment now that I think back on it. Ha!)  But I would shoot one again if the pit bull that comes running into our backyard quite often ever went toward Boone or my hubby.  Whenever he hears us in our backyard (which is often), he runs through his fence (which his owners continue to leave unfixed), and comes straight toward Boone.  This Sunday while I was upstairs, I heard Justin slam the basement door and then heard Boone yelping and barking in a way I had never heard him do before.  Well needless to say, I looked out in the backyard and there he was--in all his pit bull glory.  I'm not trying to judge, and yes I'm probably jaded by all the stories on the news, but as Justin tried to "shoo" the dog out of our yard, it jumped at him.  Um yep, that's enough for me to consider shooting a gun for the second time in my life.

Five-I'm craving fall.  It always hits me once I go back to school.  I love, love, love summer...but I get so excited when I see fall clothes coming out and the leaves start to turn colors.  So comfy, cozy!

Six- I might, just might be slowly moving toward the Mac side.  I've always been a PC kinda gal...but after having two in a row and having my iPhone, I'm a little antsy about having a Mac instead and trying that side of the technology world.  Any advice or tips for you gals out there? PC or Mac?

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  1. Hi Cait! I've just got just the "fix" for your fall bug :-). Come join our "Fall Friendship Swap"! It should be lots of fun! I've got the fever too...bring on the cozy! That's scary about the Pit Bull next door. I'd be terrified! - Kinda feel the same way about Oprah. Which is funny b/c I watch her maybe once a month! Weird. Hope this week goes much more smoothly for you at school - I'm sure it will! Happy Monday my friend!

  2. I was a PC girl and John had a mac. And after about a year, we decided to get a desktop and we went with Mac. I love it so much more than any PC I've ever had!

  3. First, I feel exactly the same way! I feel is if someone keeps pushing my head back under the water just as I get a breathe! I am praying for relief, it is around somewhere. Second, I would feel the same way about the pit bull, I wouldn't want anyone to hurt my sweet girl. Third, YES I love Macs. After years of PCs I am in love with my MAC!!

  4. I can't wait for fall either! I'm so ready for some cooler weather and leaves changing colors :)

  5. i am so ready for fall!!!! I'm just dying for the weather to get cooler and the leaves to start falling and being able to wear jeans and a sweatshirt--love it!
    back to school seems to be crazy for everyone this year! I'm so glad its just busy and not stressful for you though!

  6. I made the Mac switch a few years ago, and there's no going back! Definitely worth every penny. So much more user friendly! And no viruses! :)

  7. Mac all the way! Mine cost a fortune 6 years ago, but it's still going strong and is worth every penny! Granted, typing and web surfing are no more enjoyable on a Mac vs. PC, but this machine is so easy to maintain (I even performed my own SW and HW upgrades), and is virus-free!
    Good luck!

  8. HI Cait! I am a new blog reader! We are also considering the switch to a MAC. My sister has 2 and loves them both very much! They are a little more expensive but seem to last a while and have very little problems! Have a great week!!

  9. Hey!! I've missed visiting you over here! And I just now realized what you meant by your signature. I will fix it later today! I'm sure that starting school has been so busy! One of my friends is teaching 8th Grade for the first time this year and already she is so exhausted!


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