Well I'm in my final week of summer and thought I would share my progress on my summer to-do list.  I wasn't very successful with my list last summer, so I'm excited that I did half of what was on my list for this summer. (Plus lots more that wasn't on my list.) 

-make homemade treats for Boone 
Find the recipe here.

-start an exercise routine....daily walks/jogs with Boone and.....hello 30-day shred
The shred part has gone just okay...I didn't make it all 30 days due to going out of town.  However, I have been much more active this summer, which I'm happy with.  The couch to 5k training program is next on the list! 

-daily bible reading and studying 
I have been much more adamant about reading my bible daily.  I have really enjoyed Completely Irresistible: Drawing Others to God's Extravagant Love (Loving Jesus Without Limits) by Shannon Ethridge.

-start my etsy shop
Yay! I did it.  You can check out my etsy tab at the top of this page or read about it here.

 -add curtains to our living room and bedroom  
You can read about that fun and simple makeover here.

-paint our office and kitchen 
Well I only got the office accomplished.  I decided I didn't want to take on removing wallpaper this summer.  It can wait.  But you can read about the office makeover here.

Still on my list.....

-explore nearby shelters and non-profits for ways I can serve and places I can bless with some of these freebies and great deals I find
I have found some outlets at church for some of my freebies and deals. 

-read books from my reading list here
I read more blogs and magazines than anything this summer. 

-starting a little writing project that's been on my heart
Still pondering this one....really, I just need to take the leap. 

-get away with Justin for a mini vacay
We decided to forgo a mini vacay to save money for a big vacay later this year to Disney World! We're so excited! My sister-in-law is a "magic maker" with a travel agency and worked so hard to find us great deals...everything is planned...even down to reservations for our meals! We can't wait to get away together.  (If you ever need a Disney travel agent, let me know...my sister-in-law is amazing and so knowledgeable about all things Disney!)

As you other teachers out there know, the end of summer is a bit sad and bittersweet.  However, I'm trying to get myself excited to go back.  It always gets better once I get into the swing of things....and I'm so thankful for such a blessing of a job.  It will be my third year teaching...and hey...third time's a charm, right?

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  1. Sounds like you got LOTS of things done on your list! Way to go! I'm sure that feels great... Enjoy your last few weeks of summer. Woohoo for your Disney trip! That sounds just wonderful! Happy Tuesday to you...

  2. you were productive! i think disney is a fun choice! happy last week of summer - hope its beyond fantastic!

  3. It sounds like you accomplished this summer:). Love reading your blog!!

  4. You know what I just thought of...I could help you in your classroom when I'm not working!!!! Genius! I don't know how often that will be, but still! You won't have a helper right? If you want Chad and I can come over and help with the wallpaper...just throwing that out there =] It looks like you got a lot done this summer! And yay for DISNEY!


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