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This Saturday the hubby and I went on a "day date".  We coined the phrase this weekend.  We quickly decided that due to our hectic schedules right now, these fuddy duds weren't going to have too much fun out on a nighttime date.  We had a wonderful lunch and then went to a local book store.  I hadn't taken the time to just browse through a book store without time constraints in quite a while.  I find it so relaxing and fun to browse the aisles.  Section by section, book by book, and even page by page at times.  Justin and I love to go our separate ways, collecting a stack of books and magazines, and then find a comfy chair to sit down next to each other and enjoy the pages in front of us.  Great conversation is sparked and it's a fun date idea that is pretty thrifty.  (If you're budget allows, visit the coffee shop too while you're at it!) Here are some of the books that are now on my "must read" or "must purchase to have around" list:

by Francis Chan

(I just read his Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God and it was absolutely life-changing.  I'm sure this book will be nothing short of life-changing as well.  He is such a passionate writer.  The holy spirit is amazingly evident in his words and honesty.)

by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding

(This is amazing.  I couldn't put it down.  Justin finally told me too since I had already decided to purchase it.  So enlightening on what to purchase at the grocery store.  The perfect eating and cooking healthy survival guide)

by Gary Chapman

(Kinda like God was saying "here yah go".  Justin and I have been in such deep conversations lately about our marriage and the foundation we want our relationship to have and actually being intentional on building it that way based on Christ's love in our lives.  There are chapters on just about anything a married couple could have questions about...including that three letter word.  A great book for any place in your marriage relationship walk.)

by David Platt

(Just seemed so interesting.  This is similar to some things we have discussed lately in Sunday School.  I think there is so much truth to the idea that the worldly view of the "American Dream" has distorted our view of how Jesus calls us to live.  That's a whole other topic for a completely different post.)


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  1. Hi, I'm a new reader. I love looking through book stores. I could spend so much money there!

  2. I love Francis Chan and I LOVE love love Bookstores. Seriously.

  3. How fun : ) Time spent together is so much more fun when it's considered a date! Great idea!
    I am still dying to read Crazy Love. It's one of the next on my list. Hopefully this summer!

  4. I recently bought forgotten God as well. I haven't finished Crazy love yet, but so far it is AMAZING. Good picks ;)


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