weekend joys

We've had a great weekend! What a treat it is to get to relax and spend time with the great people in my life to get away from the stress of the week right now.

Friday night was a fun time celebrating this sweet man:

This is my Papa.  He turned 87 on Friday and we celebrated at my Mom and Dad's.  What an inspiration he is! He was a prisoner of war in WWII, tells stories on living on beans the entire time he was there, and his parents were told to assume he wouldn't return from war.  I can't even imagine.  He is one of six, grew up on a farm, and had four children with my grandma...my dad being the baby.  Papa continues to mow our farm every week, tills the fields on his tractor, and refuses to sit still for too long even when his legs are weak and you can tell he's in pain.  I used to think it was such a treat when he would come to stay with us overnight sometimes when I was little, and then when the little house my dad grew up in, that my grandpa continued to live in...one of those real life "paved paradise and put up a parking lot" situations because the "airport needed more space" and ordered Papa and all his neighbors to move...he migrated to just a few houses down from where I grew up.  I grew up with Papa one way down the road and my mom's parents right next door the other way down the road.  It is such a sweet treasure to hear his stories and his wisdom.  I only hope I am as dedicated to my family and "keeping moving" as he is when I'm 87. 

We also were treated to some of my mom's homegrown strawberries after the birthday party.  She's proud of them..and she should be! They are so yummy that I'm now motivated to start growing my own strawberries! (And this amazing woman is pondering about starting her own blog.  I'll let you know when she does, because you'll want to check it out.  My writing genes came from her.  Mom--since you'll read this--once again, I say "go for it"! Post idea already--how to grow great strawberries.)

And then on Friday night to top off the entire evening, we saw fireflies for the first time this season! I love these little bugs and God's magnificent creation that literally twinkles through them.  How amazing is our God, that he created a bug that would light up the night sky and flicker his love around us each evening in the warmer spring and summer nights.  Love that!

Little sidetrack...
This firefly jar is similar to one we had on some of our tables at our wedding reception.  It was one of those "must-haves" when our florist showed them to us.  Yes, I love these little bugs that much!

Saturday included a church yard sale that lasted from 7am to 4pm on the lawn of our church as we had a community health fair inside our sanctuary.  My mom organized it and I was the cashier all day at the yard sale.  What a fun event and neat time to meet and come in contact with so many people in the community all at the same time of great fellowship with my church family.

And today has been a lazy day.  Thank you Lord for lazy days!

 I hope your weekend has been as blessed as our's.  Blessings to you as you begin your week!

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  1. Looks like fun celebrating your Papa! How sweet!! And tell your mom I'd certainly read her blog! I'd love to know how to grow those strawberries. :) See ya tomorrow!

  2. your grandpa is still truckin' strong! wow, i can't believe he mows the farm. he seems like a wonderful man!

    homegrown strawberries?!!!! i'd certainly be proud too!


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