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Our household is totally "out of whack" right now.  Between our normal daily working routines, Justin mowing some lawns with his friend after work, and me in my second week of my first masters classes that is four nights a week, we're a little busy, busy. 

Making lunches is something we do nightly.  We both take our lunches every day, and now I'm packing snacks to get me through my night class so I don't starve to death.  Okay, so maybe that won't really happen...but I feel like it at least going nonstop like I am.  I thought I would share a few simple, yet crucial steps to lunch making that is helping me keep my sanity.  Yet again, I'm thinking God is using a time like this to prep me for kiddo years because I'm sure my "busy" is nothing right now compared to what it will be at that point in life.  (Am I hearing an "amen" from you busy mommas out there?!)

Tip 1:  Pre-package chips, crackers, etc. on Sunday night for the entire week.  This way they are easy to grab each evening when you're putting lunches together.

Tip 2:  Make your own fruit cups....save money and time.  I used to buy the fruit cups already created, but now I'm buying cans of fruit and big jars of apple sauce.  I divvy out the daily servings into tupperware containers and they're ready to go.  (You pay over $2 for 4 fruit cups while you pay maybe a little over a $1 for a can of fruit that will easily make four fruit cups.)

Tip 3:  Make the lunches ready to grab in the morning.  We have a designated spot in our refrigerator where we put all of our cold items together and then a place on the counter for our non-refrigerated items.  That way, they're ready to pack in the morning.  This especially works well for Justin, because he packs a cooler with ice for his drinks and lunch since he works outside.

Nothing earth shattering...but completely helpful, time-saving, and sanity-saving for us right now.  I would love to hear your lunch prep tips! What keeps you sane in your "must do" day-to-day routines?

p.s.  happy 100th post to theblessedlife!! blessings to you sweet readers and followers.  I adore and appreciate your support and bloggy love.  My prayer is that the next 100 posts touch your heart in one way or another just as hopefully the first 100 have.

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  1. Good idea! I need to do this more often...and yay for the 100th post! That's happy! :) What fun we've had in our little blog worlds this year! (Keeps us sane from the other world we get to experience every day!) :)

  2. great tips!!! i love the chips and fruit cup idea! happy 100 sweet gal! thanks for all of the grocery tips! i totally appreciate them! : )

  3. happy 100.

    can you tell me how after seperating the fruit...i could get my husband to BRING IN THE EMPTY containers from his truck! lol. he's SO bad at that. and i've wasted SO many containers. lol.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Papa! 87- WOW! That is such a blessing!

    I use the same little time saving tips too! It is soooo helpful, since I make my husband and I's lunches! They really do help so much- less thinking for me at 4am :)


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