because I'm sometimes a follower....

I love reading funny letters that people post on their blogs to "things" that normally you would not write a letter to.  Hence the name of this post....i'm being a follower.  A follower of this idea.  So here goes...

Dear 2002 Honda Accord,

It really makes me sad that you have decided to start shifting funny.  The whole jerking when you shift from first to second thing just isn't cool and often scares me when pulling away from a stop sign or stoplight. You seem to have ignored the fact we have given you first aid for this problem and seem to insist on the fact that your transmission is nearing the end whether I like it or not.  It makes me sad because we've had about five great years together.  Five years of fun times with the windows down and music blaring.  Fun times even on road trips to visit friends.  You've saved me from jumping deer and took the blow...oh, let's say at least three times.  You've safely parked in our awfully steep driveway and haven't complained one bit.  I have taken up for you in discussions on foreign made cars and know deep down you are worth far more than some others think.  However, all of the sudden, when it's just not a great time money-wise or time-wise, you've decided to start putting on a show.  Now, back in the single days, I would have been just fine with this, but you know that I married an American-made loving guy.  A guy that adores Ford and adores anything made here in the US.  I love him for that.  He's even grown to love be okay with driving you and the fact that his name is on the registration of your hunk of metal.  I've fought for you.  I have convinced pacified him to the point of at least pretending he likes you for my sake.  Isn't that enough?

So what do you say? Would you like to put this whole mess behind us and just fix yourself? I know that's not popular in car world...but it would be oh so lovely if you could go against the norm here and go back to your smooth-shifting days.  Although your two-door characteristic causes me concern, I would look past that, and hold onto you for a few more years if you'll just cooperate.  Please take this into consideration.

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  1. cait! thanks for the encouragement on "saving money!" I am so glad to have a new follower!

    love your blog- it is adorable! your friend in Christ-

  2. This is so cute! I love these letters too - will have to be a "follower" myself one of these days :-)

  3. So fun being a follower sometimes! Hope your car survives (without too many repairs)

    Hello from SITs!

  4. i always love letter posts like this!!! and do you know what's really awesome?! - reverse letters. chelsea rebecca at "triumphs and blunders of a kooky gal" came up with it and she writes letters to herself from things... like it would be the car writing a letter to you. it is so stinkin' funny - you'd love it!

    oh, no... i thought honda's were the best?!


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