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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
One--I'm double dipping in this miscellany monday because I also just adore A Frugal Friend's Mailbox Monday.  (I've always been a multi-tasker...I hope linking up double isn't a bloggy faux pa!) Check out what I got in my mailbox the past couple weeks for FREE!

-gobs of pantene shampoo and conditioner
-lotion samples w/ spf!
-FREE coupon for mac and cheese
-Prilosec samples
(I pass these on to my grandpa...love being able to give away freebies!)
-cascade dish detergent actionpacs (LOVE these!)
-John Frieda samples
-P&G coupon booklet
-Dr. Scholl's shoe insert (ummm...but who can use just a righty?)
-my beloved TOMS I won thanks to Lindsey's fabulous giveaway!
 I ordered the olive color and they truly do go with anything.

Two--Does the annoying "on-hold" music bother anyone else as much as it does me? Oh my...that's enough to get me started on the wrong foot with the person about to pick up on the other end.  Needless to say, I was very kind to "Michelle" when she explained tonight on the phone just why our mortgage payment had mysteriously gone up....lovely little surprise.

Three--Did you know? that you can get permanent marker off a whiteboard by using a dry erase marker? Well I didn't but one of my smart 4th graders did.  One of my little sweeties (we will say) accidentally (I hope) wrote on our board with a permanent marker.  Well my smart student took a dry erase marker, traced directly over the box drawn with permanent marker, grabbed the eraser and erased the line....walla! The permanent marker mark was gone!

Four--I rearranged my kitchen counter tops this weekend.  Why do I have the crazy need to do that so often?! But it does make me happy!

Five--We are sweating like crazy in our house....our AC unit is out...the 90 degree temps sorta snuck up on us.  Thankfully a nice AC guy is coming to fix the problem soon.  Until then....we are loving box fans!

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  1. I had no idea you all STILL don't have AC! Do you need another fan? Or a place to stay? =] Let us know if you just want to come hang out in the AC, we're pretty much always here!

  2. you can link up and double dip as much as you want!!! there are no rules! : )

    so sorry about the hot house... so glad it will be fixed soon! ours went out a month ago and it was hard even with it being in the 80's! you are going to be ever so thankful for ac after this!

    i love all of your fantastic freebies!

    have a happy week!

  3. NO! You won Toms????! I'm so jealous! Let me know if you see another giveaway for them, k?
    Happy Mailbox Monday friend!

  4. I hope you get your AC back on soon! No fun! I just requested the P&G samples and look forward to those coming in the mail. Happy Mailbox Monday!

  5. Hi Cait! Fun miscellanies (is that a word?)! I can totally relate to your lack of a/c - ours has been broken 5 times in 8 years (can we say "lemon"?). Sorry to hear about the mortgage raise too. That's a whole lot of not fun :-P. Your freebies on the other hand - woohoo!!!! Love it! I got a lovely box of goodies from Kraft this week too. Makes me so happy when I get something other than bills in the mailbox.- Hope you had a wonderful weekend! ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  6. Hi....and so glad you joined in on the fun! :-) Oh, my...your header makes me want to go on vacation like yesterday!

    Love all the freebies! :-)


  7. Hehe just a right insole? That's funny. Great week and Happy Mailbox Monday!

  8. Wow! What a fun eclectic week you've had! Great freebies and an awesome win.

    Happy Mailbox Monday!

  9. We had snow this weekend! I would give anything to trade you and have your no AC really hot house.

    And I also always re-arrange my kitchen counters. It drives John crazy!

  10. i never knew number three! so do you think that dry erase marker will come off my wall if i color over it with permanent? lol. i haven't tried to get it off. mainly because i think it adds character to the wall. well and i'm lazy. lol.

  11. Despite the blah, you had a great mailbox week!

  12. What a great group of free stuff!! :) On hold music can be annoying, just depending on what they play, haha.

  13. Hmm, good tip for the dry-erase marker! I did not know that.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I was out of the country for a little while after that, otherwise I would have dropped by sooner. I love your blog!
    It's so nice to meet other Christian married ladies on here! I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog. :-) Drop by mine again when you get the chance! :-)


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