pretty peonies

One of my sweeties brought me these gorgeous peonies from her farm.  They were so gorgeous I couldn't leave them at school.  I have been crazy over these flowers recently...I have eyed them in every yard I pass when I'm in the car.  I was so excited when she brought these to my desk! (Yes, simple things get me very excited.)  I have to plant some of these! I love their elegant, soft, full blooms.  Just gorgeous. 
Gotta love getting flowers from students....beats an apple any day for this teacher!

Fresh flowers add an instant glow to a room.  My favorite places to add some bright blooms....our kitchen table, the kitchen window, and the dresser in our master bedroom. 

Happy Friday!

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  1. How beautiful! Peonies are right behind hydrangeas on my favorite flowers list. They're so delicious smelling, feminine, old-fashioned, charming... What a sweet student! I have about 6 growing in my yard, and they're very easy to grow - you should definitely give them a try! Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned...

  2. those are some of my favorite flowers!!! gorgeous! i love the color! they certainly add cheer!

  3. I have to agree, I love peonies right behind hydrangeas for me too!

    nothing beats fresh flowers!

  4. They are huge!!! So pretty! :) I want students to bring me flowers!!

  5. I love peonies! How beautiful!
    And let me tell you... I relate with the AC. We have it now. But ours went out twice last summer! Midsummer in Texas is NOT an okay time for the AC to go out!!
    Btw I've been meaning to tell you that if you come to Dallas with your hubby, we should meet up! :)


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