miscellany monday....yay!

One--We finally decided this weekend to sell my car.  I wrote a letter to it here if you're interested in the history I've had with my car and our little "spiff" right now.  The best part of this....we're not making payments and we're not going in debt for this.  I'll clue you in on all the details on how to get on track yourself to do this once we work through all the details and the new gently used, shiny, automobile is parked in our little bungalow's driveway.

Two--I'm slowly attempting to get over my like obsession of Diet Coke.  I so love the bubbly, fizzy goodness of this drink.  Boo to that nasty fake sugar i'm pumping into my body, though.  I mean really...it causes awful headaches when weaning myself from it...doesn't that say enough in itself about the crud I've been drinking for the last 7 or 8 years of my life? My alternatives....water and unsweetened tea with lemon.  I am convinced I will get my diet to the place I want it to be before trying to get pregnant in a few years...not when we're already there.

Three--My puppy is scared of me.  Seriously.  I am the "meany parent" that gives him his flea and heartworm medication each month.  For some reason now, that's all he thinks I want when I tell him to "sit".  He lowers his ears, tucks his tail between his legs, hunkers down, and fastly walks to the nearest table to get underneath and hide from me.  Used to it was just when I started to get into the cabinet where he knew his medicine was....but now....he associates the word "sit" coming out of my mouth with, "oh no...mean mommy is ready to give me that nasty medicine."  I would probably hide from my mom too if I thought she was going to put nasty oily stuff down the whole spine of my back.  Justin loves this and the fact that he now gives his daddy more loving and has recommended Boone and I take time to really bond this summer and build our relationship back up.

Four--After today, I have 9 days left of teaching this year.  I am beyond ready to let one of my kiddos tear that final link off of our summer countdown paper chain.  I jump for joy inside each afternoon when we take one more off the chain before going to the buses.  Don't get me wrong...I will probably cry like a baby on that last day of school when all of us teachers stand outside and wave to the buses as the kiddos leave us for the summer...because I'll be waving to my first group of kiddos that I have taught for two straight years in a row.  I know them so well and, in a way, I feel like I have sorta raised them during the days the past two years.  We do spend more time in the classroom than at home.  But oh my do I need a time of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Five--I love randoms! And I love that the sweet Carissa at lowercase letters by carissa graham. has opened up her "miscellany monday" to other bloggers out there in bloggy world.  Go check it out and link up too! It's always fun to be a part of a little bloggy party.

Blessings on your miscellany!

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  1. i am also trying to get my diet in the right place before pregnancy (and all other habits) in hopes that it'll be easier when i'm actually preg!

  2. I too am trying to conquer Diet Coke! I am getting better at it. When I am drinking one I think to myself what is going into my body!

    Can't wait to see and hear all about your new, gently used, car! :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. Cait - I'm totally trying to give up cokes too and for the same reasons. We could be accountability partners =] I need someone to kick my booty if I give into temptation. The headaches are killer but I'd rather have them now than when I'm pregnant for sure!

  4. Oh my goodness...I so had my heart set on a McDonald's diet coke on the way to class tonight...but reading your comments kept me focused. haha! Cheri--I would love to be accountability partners on this! Obviously I'm going to need the accountability! ha!

  5. thanks for playing along! so glad to have you!!! yay for only 9 days left!!! good for you for not going into debt on a new car... we always pay cash and it is so nice to not have the debt burden! don't worry, our dog used to think i was mean, too... but it's nothing a few treats can't cure!

  6. Hi Cait! Loved your random Miscellany Monday :-) Hooray! You're almost done for the summer! My dad was a teacher and so I remember well that countdown to summer each year... Oh, I know what you mean about your doggy being afraid! I thought my poor pooch would never love me again after he had surgery last month and I had to shove pills down his throat for 3 weeks! He's getting there though :-) Just have some fun w/ him and he'll "forgive and forget"! Enjoyed stopping by today...

  7. Break out the TREATS for your pup! a few rounds of receiving something GOOD for sitting and I'll bet you'll be the new favorite!! :)


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