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I rarely go for a "trendy" item that I know will be old news by next year.  However, the romper idea that has come back around has caught my eye.  I so love the idea of the one piece item....so easy to wear and so comfy! Well when I was at Target this weekend, I did something I hardly ever do...and I boldly picked up this piece of clothing that intimidated me.  One because, like I said, I usually don't go for a "new idea" in my closet and two, because I just knew that my body wouldn't look okay in this (you know how those insecurities creep in and take over).  Well let me just say, I was so excited when I tried this on.  (And that's saying a lot due to the fact that I've decided Target's dressing room mirrors are pretty unforgiving.)  My petite, hip/thigh-happy body embraced the romper. 

Love the pockets, love the belted bow, love the material.  I can't wait to piece this with flip flops in the heat of the summer!

So my challenge to you...embrace an article of clothing you just know you won't like the way you look in it.  Because just maybe you'll be proven wrong like I was.  Seek out the confident gal within you and go for it!

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  1. Cait!! That is so awesome! I have seen them on other people but am way too insecure to try one one! I really want some summery things but I'm definitely going to have to step out on a limb of confidence to wear them :)

  2. so cute! Think I want to go try one on. cute blog! :)

  3. I love Target. I just bought a cheap sun dress from there.

  4. You will look super cute in that too!! I'll expect to see it that last week of school if you are one who "paid" to wear shorts! :)

  5. I have always wanted to try one on, but like you, they intimidate me! I may just have to go for it..jump off the ledge!

  6. I love it. You are way braver than me! It is super cute.


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