a sharp idea

When I did the file cabinet makeover using contact paper posted about here, a lovely reader gave me the idea of using some of the extra contact paper to make-over some office accessories.  What a sharp idea! A couple afternoons ago, I whipped up this little makeover for our pen and pencil holder.  (Mauve and green is good and all....but I just wasn't getting a good vibe from this accessory mixed with our freshly updated office.) 

So in about 5 minutes, I measured the length of the holder, cut the amount I needed, and slowly wrapped the holder while pulling the backing of the contact paper off as I went.

It's as simple as that! I still have some of this cute contact paper left.  Maybe I will cover Boone's crate in it next to match the rest of the office. ;)

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  1. Such I great idea. This would look cute in the classroom too.


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