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Christmas Memories!


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Oh my, I know there are far too many to count.  So I'll share with you some precious memories through pictures.  (Although, I'm thinking that possible some of the sweetest memories might not have even been captured on camera.)

(And let me get this off my chest too...I'm really a little mad at myself for picking this topic.  How in the world do you choose your favorite Christmas memories to share? Oh my...they are all my favorite.  So to make this a little easier...you're seeing a pic or two from each Christmas folder on my computer. I didn't dig into years before college. This just isn't a topic for someone indecisive like me.)  Okay now that that's said...let's begin.

Let's go from oldest to newest....

My grandpa always likes us to read some devotional he has picked out for Christmas Eve. (This Christmas included braces for me...yep, I waited to have them in college.  Gross.)

Christmas in our apartment with my college roomies...love them and don't see them often enough now!

My precious childhood friend, Megan, is a Christmas baby and shares her birthday with Jesus...this was taken right before her surprise bday party one year! Another sweet friend I don't see often enough now!

Some of us "college kids" from church...snow tubing was a part of our winter break one year...so fun! (This was pre-relationship for Justin and me...I was still in denial.  Silly girl.)

I may have been near peeing my pants in this picture from laughing so hard.
Justin's first journey with us to pick out our family tree...our first Christmas as a couple (we never dated through a Christmas...we were engaged here!)

Stockings from Santa on Christmas morning are spectacular no matter how old you are!
Our first married Christmas (2008)
Justin played Santa at our Children's Christmas program at church our first Christmas...funny part is that he may have been one of the skinniest guys in church at the time, hence the square-ish look from his pillow-formed belly. ;)

We traveled with my parents to donate collected items from our church to a Methodist Mission center

While we were there, we had the joy of watching all these donated gifts from the surrounding area be opened by gobs and gobs of excited children....so awesome.
At the annual "Christmas Carol" (our second married Christmas-2009)

our precious nephew (center), our twin nieces, and their cousins on last Christmas (2009)...love the matching clothes!

Christmas Eve night in my childhood home's newly expanded room....yep, it was unfinished...obviously that didn't stop us :)

Boone's first Christmas (2009) He's a Christmas puppy...Dec. 18th

We always pose for a pic with a gift at my grandparents'...my aunt is a fancy wrapper (as in paper and bows and gifts) as you can see
This year

Our little downtown has a tree lighting ceremony each December...we stopped by quickly last night!
Tonight is tree searching time and dinner out with the fam! Whoo hoo! 

I can't wait for even more Christmas memories this year! What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?

Get your stomachs and party-selves ready for tomorrow...we'll talk Christmas Recipes and/or Entertaining Ideas!

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  1. Cait--I've had so much fun playing along and really thinking about Christmas stuff. thanks for doing this.

  2. Love your memories you shared! You have the best pictures!!!

  3. What wonderful Christmas memories! Love the one of Boone by the tree :)

  4. This post was so much fun to read! I enjoyed hearing about your favorite Christmas memories- this season is so special and you are right- sometimes the most special moments don't even get captured on film!


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