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Wrapping Tips!


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First off, let me just say, I love to wrap.   If I could make a living out of it, I would.  It's just so fun to me.  It's like artwork.

Some of my tips....

-Recycle bags and bows from previous years.  This way, have lots to choose from and mix and match each year.  (This is also helpful on the budget.)

-Create your own tags from pretty card stock.

-Create personalized wrapping paper.  You can buy brown paper wrapping paper or plain white wrapper paper.  If you have kiddos, they can draw on it or using paint, you could have them add their hand prints (turn into reindeer) or fingerprints (make into snowmen).  If you don't have kiddos, you could glue black and white photos onto the paper or even use stamps to add pizazz.

-Use tissue paper to wrap. Lay a couple layers of tissue paper (different colors and/or patterns work well) flat.  Sit the item in the middle of the paper.  Bring up all sides and gather it at the top. Use a ribbon to secure the tissue paper at the top.  This works great for small trinkets!

-Wrap in a gift itself.  You could wrap in a tote bag, basket, or even a Rubbermaid container.

-Attach a trinket to the bow.  A small toy works great for kiddos or you could attach an ornament to packages for adults.

 So what are your favorite wrapping tips?

Tomorrow we're decking the halls!! Link-up your holiday decor!

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  1. I like when I get a trinket with my presents =) even if it's a bunch of buttons strung together.

  2. i am making my own tags this year and it's so much fun!! : )
    I am a horrible wrapper. I always get frustrated and I feel like it never looks good. You can come wrap all the rest of mine. Please & thank you : )

  3. Cait,
    My post is short today. For some reason I am having trouble with the link and posting. Is there anyway I can go ahead and add the rest of my days and then come back and link each day till the end? That way my photos will show up? I have saved as a draft just in case. Thank you for coming by Just Thoughts on a Blog each day. I hope you will follow me in the future. This has been so much fun.

  4. what great ideas & tips! i love the idea of the tissue paper as wrapping, i'll have to do that next year :)

  5. I like the tissue paper too! Never thought of that. :)


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