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Favorite Christmas Movies and Music!


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{My favorite Christmas Songs}

1.  Mary Did you Know?
2.  Oh Holy Night
3.  Jingle Bell Rock
4.  Baby It's Cold Outside
5.  Relient K's I Celebrate the Day
(check number 5 out below!)

And almost any other Christmas song....
Seriously.  I'm a little crazy about Christmas music.

{Favorite Christmas Movies}

1.  Elf
2.  Santa Clause 1, 2, and 3
3.  Home Alone 1 and 2
4.  Sappy Hallmark Holiday movies
5.  The Holiday
6.  Family Stone

lots others I'm sure that I'm blanking on right now...

Again, I'm a sucker for Christmas movies, just like Christma music! 

And just for fun since this is one of those weeks where I need a good laugh...and maybe you do too....
Click here for a little "Elf" humor!

Oh, and tomorrow...get excited...it's your Christmas wish list and letters to Santa!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Relient K song. I love them. That's a pretty one =)
    Also LOOOOVEE the HOliday. Forgot to put that on my blog. eek..

  2. Elf is my favorite Christmas movie, too. It's such a classic movie, even though it was only recently released several years ago. It's funny from start to finish!
    Mary Did You Know? is a beautiful song....anytime someone sings that in Church I start crying...haha.


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