a not so wordless wednesday--excitement

Call me a nerd.  Call me a freak.  Call me what you want...but I'm really excited today.  Here's where the "nerd" or "freak" part comes in.  It's because I'm starting my Masters! (Yes, I was really one of those little kids that cried when we had a snow day because I wanted to go to school.  Now I'm not so much like that now as a teacher.) Anywho...I was accepted today into the Masters program at a local small, private college that I adore because it's actually where I got my undergrad degree from.  A fabulous, quaint, small class, professors know your name kinda school.  So here's what I will probably start seeing quite a bit of, and you may even be hearing about at times.

Textbooks.  Notice those are used books.  You didn't think I would stray from my thrifty, money-savvy mindset did you? Francis Chan says in his book "Crazy Love" that there should be places in your life where things just won't happen if God doesn't step in.  Well we've saved, believe me we've saved.  However, with an AC unit and hot water heater going out on the same exact day last week, I realized all over again that life happens.  Home ownership invites problems.  Life is unexpected.  So with that said....God will provide for this Master's program.  I'm thankful to Him for that.  Yet another way He is so good.

So I'm standing 36 credit hours away from having a Masters of Arts in Education with a Reading and Writing Emphasis to add to my undergrad dual-certification degree of Elementary Education (P-5) and Learning and Behavior Disorders (P-12).  Whew.  I never thought I would have that many words attached to my degrees.

Here's to what you're excited about right now! Hopefully it's not as expensive as mine! ;)

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  1. That is great! Good for you!
    And used books are the only way to go! I have found that out with two kids in college.

  2. that is awesome and very ambitious! I don't know if I will ever be able to get in the mindset to go back (or want to!) Maybe in several years...

  3. Way to go, girl! You are an inspiratin!

  4. I just gush over new textbooks. :) Seriously. Way to go!!!

  5. i don't know how i missed this! congrats!!! woo hoo! you are going to be one extreme teacher! : )

    way to go for rockin' your recess tan.

  6. Congrats on starting your Masters!! Good for you!

    I love school myself too...I think when I graduate (one year left in undergrad) that it won't be long before I want to be back in it! But for now, I think I'll be happy to be finished!


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