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So I am a fan of lists.  I keep a grocery list on our refrigerator.  I keep a weekly "to-do" list on my desk at school.  I make a list for packing before going out of town.  Here in a few days as the school year winds down, I will make list after list of my ideas for my classroom routines, rituals, and organization for next year.  And now that I think about it...I'm kinda listing ways I list.  (I think it's part of the teacher in me.)

For my birthday, I received a couple great new journals.  These journals contain pages of list ideas.  An entire journal of lists...now that's amazing! So many times I am overwhelmed by words because I'm such a wordy writer.  Honestly, sometimes that fact keeps me from journaling all together.  But a journaling in lists makes me breath a sigh of relief.

One of my journals I received was one my mom and dad gave me titled, List Your Self by Ilene Segalove and Paul Bob Velick.  (You can find the Amazon link on this post.)  It's so great! The neat thing is that it captures your thoughts at that moment in life (by the way--always make sure to date your journal entries).  I love looking back on my journal entries...random entries, prayers, etc. and seeing how God has worked in my life since.  So neat. I thought I would share my first list with you since it wasn't too personal.

List what always makes you laugh.
-when Justin lovingly makes fun of me and all my quirks
-when Boone snuggles up close and hands out kisses and nose nudges freely
-when my students tell each other "how it is"
-when I hear jokes about the simple things in life (those everyone can relate to, clean, fun jokes)
-when people try to act "too cool" and end up making a fool out of themselves (yes, I'm laughing at them)
-those "slipping and falling" videos of people (of course when they don't get hurt)
-my pastor's jokes from the pulpit (gotta love a pastor that cracks you up)
-just about anything...I'm a giggle box (true story:  sprite has actually come out of my nose, I have been guilty of running to the bathroom when someone makes me laugh really hard, and I often get headaches from laughing so hard)

Try it out! Just maybe you'll find your new journaling style.

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  1. you are too cute!!! i love your obsession with lists. i used to be obsessed too, but then i became a mom and have a running list in my mind (b/c i'm too scatterbrained to write it down any longer - ha!) which can be a dangerous thing... the mind is a forgetful place. the list journal is awesome. i like your list of laughs!

  2. haha this is DEFINITELY a teacher trait : )

  3. you know, your pulpit comment makes me think of when people make jokes in prayers. not really jokes but say something about the baby crying in the back or the sneeze that just happened. love that.

  4. That is super cute. I'm definitely going to check that out. :) cute blog.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I too am obsessed with making lists! I joke that I spend more time making lists then I do actually completing the tasks on the lists. :)

  6. That book sounds great - I can certainly understand the 'wordy writer' dilemma - I will have to check it out! :)


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