warning: the word "boogers" is in this post

So we have a 4-year old, adorable, 100% boy, sweetheart little nephew named Cooper.  (That's him above with his dog, Molly, at our church's blessing of the animals service.)  Our two precious 9-month old nieces are his twin baby sisters.  All just too cute.  Well this Sunday Justin and I sat down next to Cooper in church.  We asked him where his mommy was (Justin's sister).  Not really giving it any thought or time to respond, he quickly explained:

"I told her to stay home with my girls because they had boogers in their noses."

We laughed out loud.  Hilarious for so many reasons.  One, he "told" his mommy to stay home.  Two, "his" girls had boogers in their noses.  And three, who other than a 4-year old would say something as hilarious as this? Love that cutie!

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  1. kids say the darrndest things! love it! ha ha ha!

  2. My oldest boys name is Cooper and this sounds like a post I could have written. :) How adorable! I'm so glad I stopped by, this really cheered me up. Visiting from SITS. Have a happy Tuesday and come be sometime and visit me.


  3. HAHAHHAA! That's adorable--whatta cutie!

    Have a great day!

  4. That is too sweet. Ohhh little cooties.

  5. Oh my- that is precious! I love how honest kids are and how they see the world.

  6. he is so cute!

    Following you from Friday Follow, hope you can follow back and be a friend... Have a nice weekend..

  7. That's HILARIOUS! I can totally hear Cooper hearing that. He takes a lot of pride and ownership in his family. Thanks for sharing the story! -Danielle (Matt's sister)
    p.s. love the blog!

  8. You do entertain me Cait! Congrats on your "I Love This Blog Award!" Love your Blog...I shared it with my Sunday School "Sisters" yesterday. Happy Monday....GO BIG BLUE...loved the game yesterday...YES, there are Kentucky fans here in Tennessee!
    XOXO Love, Aunt Jill


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