spring decluttering--breathing easier

I spent my final day of Spring Break cleaning out closets, drawers, and just about anything that wasn't moving.  Nothing in my house was safe today...except for Boone, of course.  We love him just a little too much to get rid of him.  (That sweet puppy stayed passed out asleep in my hallway, just dizzy from watching me in action.)  My game plan:  A pile for Goodwill, a pile for our upcoming church yard sale, a pile for consignment, and a pile for my mom and dad's booth at a local flea market/antique store.

I started out with a bag for each...labeled so I didn't get confused during my decluttering madness.  As you can see, I quickly filled up the designated bags, and added about one bag per pile.  That means7 bags in total by the end of my decluttering for now.

Now don't be confused.  These are the jumbo bags from the stores...not the little pitily grocery bag size.  I can't believe Justin and I have already collected this much junk stuff in two years of marriage.  (Some of it came with us into our home when we moved in....and this isn't the first time I've done this type of crazy decluttering.)

And possibly the most eye-opening part of my entire decluttering experience today....how many clothes I had in my closet and drawers that don't fit, I can't stand anymore, or they are just ragged looking.  (I even had to include a trash pile for some of my clothes.)  Really? And there are people out there that need clothes?! I take my clothes that are in good condition to a local consignment store.  I'm not kidding when I say you can make good money on your clothes each season.  Let's just say my winter items brought in enough cash that it covered a week of groceries on our budget.  Not too shabby. 
Hopefully this jumbo pile will go to good homes!

Decluttering Tips:

-If you haven't worn it all winter or all summer, or whatever the season is....get rid of it! If you didn't wear that red sweater with the fuzzballs all over it this winter....you won't wear it next winter.

-If you're hubby is like mine and completely resists decluttering due to the time it takes...break it down into sections.  For example, I just asked Justin to go through his "undies" drawer today.  That was manageable.  Hey, one drawer is better than none!

-You don't really need all those magazines.  Take them to your local used book store.  Hey, even if you get 5 or 10 cents a piece for them, it's better than having them piling up.  If you just want to recylce them, cut out the ideas you like, put them into a plastic baggie or folder and file away for later use, tossing the rest of the magazine into recycle.

-Get organized before decluttering.  Have a designated bag or box for each place your items will go to.  (Always have a trash bag on hand too.)

-Have a box or bag somewhere (ours is in the basement) so that throughout the year when you find things you don't want/need anymore....you can take it directly to that spot.  Try to clear that box out (take it to Goodwill, etc.) once a month.  Or you may choose to just compile until you can have a yard sale.

-Ask yourself over those "I can't decide items"...is it better that this sits in my house collecting dust "just in case I need it" or that it goes to a home of someone that does actually need it?

-And for you "maybe I could be a little ADD--innatentive" people like myself (I kinda self-diagnosed myself during my Special Education teaching classes in college)...stick with one drawer, one dresser, one closet, and one room at a time.  Don't jump.  It is so tempting...but so not worth it.  You'll be so much more impressed when you just stay focused. (That sorta came out like a little pep talk to myself.)

-Have fun with it! Seriously, take a deep breath and think about how much you are accomplishing even when you declutter the "junk drawer" in the kitchen.

Happy decluttering...be inspired!

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  1. i've been in declutter mode all week, too! it's such a nice feeling knowing that everything is orderly and junk free in your house. i love consignment, craig's list and ebay! i found a bunch of stuff to list on ebay and hope it will bring in enough for groceries and maybe a new purse. ; ) happy weekend!

  2. Great tips...especially for those of us with self-diagnosed ADD!! And good choice of activity for the last day of this wonderful week off...I wish I would have gotten more of that done. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Way to go, Cait! It's so difficult for me to get rid of things, but it's definitely necessary! You did such a good job. I think my hubby gets a little overwhelmed when I get into my cleaning mode!

  4. Great advice! You successfully managed to make decluttering look like fun. :-)

  5. I ask myself the same question all the time--how did we get so much STUFF?! We've only been married a little over a year and lived in our house for a year (today!!). Where did this all come from?? It's crazy! I spent all of today cleaning and organizing, too. i told my hub today that we're definitely going through all of our clothes this summer...I just know I'm going to have giant piles!!

  6. I like it! Every considered holding a swap? I did last summer. Very fun! I have a post about it if you're interested.


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