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I have been so busy this past week and it's only going to get crazier when I start my first masters class next week.  I'm nearing the end of the school year with gobs of deadlines and 21 students that are jumping off the walls and this overachiever decided to take on a summer class that is three weeks long and goes for three hours each night, four times a week.  Poor hubby and puppy may go hungry...thankfully they can head to my in-laws for some love and food.

So amidst getting my kids prepped and pumped for their two weeks of state testing upon them, finding birthday gifts for both our dads, grocery shopping to prepare quick and easy dinners and lunches for us, getting textbooks ready to ship out (we have sold 4 in the past month through Amazon...crazy!), doing heaps of laundry since we were out of town last weekend, trying to find time to get rid of the dust on the furniture and dog hair on the hardwood floor, and taking a possible moment to breath on the couch, I haven't quite found the moments to blog.  Sad thing is....it's one of the things I really want to do.  I want to put it before so many other things...I crave the expressive outlet...but, I have had to stay away some.  Boo.  And to my bloggy friends and readers....I'm sorry, but you just may see and hear a little less from me for the next three weeks.  Just like I'm reminding my hubby and puppy that they will catch glimpses of me, I promise...I'm hoping you'll get glimpses of me too.  If not, though....I'm sorry in advance!

There are some blogs that I check out even if I just have a spare minute in the day for blog reading, and Carissa at lowercase letters by carissa graham. is one of them.  She's been participating in this great thing called, Planting Chums at Hannah's blog, Aspire.  I thought this was a great post idea since I am unable to muster up words for something else right now.  If you participate, you're entered for giveaways.  Fabulous post ideas and giveaways? I'm in.

four fun facts:

1.  Justin and I met in KindergartenOur "love at first sight" moment was when he had a spiky flat-top, missing teeth, and adored all things farm and cars (oh wait, he still does)....and I wore big, puffy dresses, rocked bangs, and worked so hard to memorize the days of the week just so I could answer "calendar time" questions correctly.

2.  I grew up on an 80-acre farm.  My dad owns a landscaping business and most of the nursery stock is grown on the farm.  We had cows I named and I cried when they "moved to another farm" (they were beef cattle...).  The creek that backs up to our farm was one of my favorite places to go (still is), and one of my best friends from childhood and I used to pretend it was the ocean that ran along our farms...and we would explore it like crazy.  Both of my grandparents live just next door or right down the road.  It was the setting for our wedding reception, complete with huge white tents, and hay bales as the background.  What a special place in my heart. 

3.  I prefer french fries over ice cream.  McDonald's or Red Robin's french fries to be exact (and with a fountain diet coke....amazing.)  I'm a salty over sweet kinda gal.  Bad, bad habit.  (However, I have recently found a love for Peach Amaretto Chip ice cream at a local ice cream shop...pretty amazing and I actually have found myself craving it some here lately.  Homemade and you have to be there on the right day that they decided to make that flavor.)

 4.  God has been stirring in my heart so much lately...and I love it.  I have always known it to be true that when I'm really into my time with God and passionately seeking and praying to grow closer to Him, and really studying my bible (not just reading it)...that my heart is filled with His love and guidance.  Well in the past few months that has been so true and evident in my life.  One of the neatest things is to see also how God is aligning the desires of mine and Justin's heart.  One of those things is our desire to adopt one day.  We've always thought about it, but God-willing we now feel like it's definitely one of those things God is calling us to eventually.  I so love how my Savior works in the lives of those that seek Him.

If you've read my blog for long enough, you have either heard from me...or get the gist from reading...that I'm a wordy writer (I'll be putting that trait back into good use writing masters papers), so I could go on with this list forever.  I love randomness...and I love lists.  I would love to hear yours! Head on over to Hannah's blog and link up!

Enjoy the weekend...rain, sunshine, cold, or warm.  Enjoy it.

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  1. WOW! You met your love in Kindergarten! That is amazing!

    Fun facts! Great choices!

  2. I loved reading your random facts, Cait! I can't believe you met your love in kindergarten! How cute. :-)

    ~ Love & Blessings,
    Lindsay <3

  3. Hi Cait! Wow! You do seem BUSY! I know I've happened by your blog before, but I can't remember if I left a comment or not.- Found you again from the Planting Chums Party today! Totally related to so much of your about me post - I have a very deep desire for the simple life, and even here in this post: I'm more salty than sweet, and my hubby and I would like to adopt one day. That's so neat about your family farm - and of course super special that you've known your love since kindergarten. What a gift! Anyway, I'm always looking for people who are interested in becoming friends - you know getting to know one another more than a comment once a month! I'd love to hear from you if you're interested :-) ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  4. cait, you are so busy!!! just said a prayer for you... may the Lord grant you all the energy you need to make it through these crazy weeks ahead! i know you'll make it through with flying colors!

    thanks for mentioning me... that was too sweet of you! : ) so glad you linked up.

    it is absolutely precious that you and justin met in kindergarten. how special!!!

    i'm certainly a sweet over salty gal. - my thighs don't appreciate it.

    it's beautiful how the Lord knits yours and your spouses heart's together as you draw near to Him!!! so happy to hear that you want to adopt someday. i have a chinese niece, an ethiopian niece, and soon to be a haitian niece. needless to say, i love adoption!

    happy weekend! get some rest if you can!

  5. Very cool! Love that! Maybe I'll participate too... :)
    And love the adoption thing!! We are open to the idea too! No immediate plans, but we'd love to foster or adopt - or both! Have you heard Dennis Rainey (from Family Life) talk about how he adopted his youngest? Very cool story. I can't find it online. But I can fill you in if you don't know it! He has several podcasts I found on adoption though... so maybe he tells it in one of those.

  6. first off, thanks for stopping by my blog! it's so nice to 'meet' you. and if you've been by before...sorry i forgot.

    this is random, but i love how you spell your name cait. i have a caitlyn and we call her caity a lot. so it's fun to see the same sort of spelling. like i said random!!

    i love that you met your hubby in kindergarten. my husband is two years older than me...but we are high school sweethearts. :0)

    i LOVE fountain coke. i think fountain soda tastes so much better than out of a can. although our mcdonald's coke has been quite nasty lately. it's sad really!!

    ummm. i think this is the world's longet comment. sorry!!

    looking forward to getting to know you more through your blog!!


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