bump update: weeks 33 and 34

my dad told me this week it looks like I swallowed a basketball...this picture tends to make me agree :)

How far along: 34 weeks

Baby size: Cantaloupe (length average: 18 inches and weight average: 4.75 pounds)

Total weight gain: About 17 pounds

Sleep: Not bad.  Some good nights...some more restless.

Movement: All the time--and super strong. Part of me not sleeping is her being so active.  A couple nights ago I had to get up and walk around a few times to try to get her to calm down and quit moving so much just so I could sleep.  Her foot is almost always stuck in my rib and a lot of times I feel a foot (I think) poking out from my side.  Her movements amaze me sometimes with how strong they are and how much my belly moves from them.  Not complaining, though...I know the movement means she continues to progress and is staying healthy!

Food cravings/aversions: Hungry all the time.  Salads and cheesy soups are tasting really good.  I'm also craving Coke a lot more.  For some reason, meat is less tasty right now.  Justin is convinced I could be a vegetarian.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Fatigue, achy legs, constant bathroom trips, and occasional Braxton Hicks.

What I miss: Again, I'm going with normal energy level.  Also, I'm looking forward to having my body back as far as not so restricting.

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting this little girl.

Milestones: For me-- My next doctor appointment (next week) is my first internal exam to check on progress toward delivery.  After that visit, I will start to go every week.  Crazy! For Adeline--Her central nervous system and lungs continue to mature.  She's also adding more fat to help with body temperature when she's here.

Best moment this week: Our first shower was great! We are so blessed by the amazing family and friends that shower us with love and will love on Adeline when she's here.

Moments with Justin: Sitting in the nursery floor amidst all the shower gifts as he read one of the books we got as a gift aloud so Boone and Adeline could listen.  I can't wait to see him holding her in his arms as he's reading to her!

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  1. Oh my gosh...look at your belly!!! SO CUTE! :-) I feel ya on the no sleeping...I guess we're just getting ready to be up with our little girls in the middle of the night! :-)

  2. Aww Justin! Too cute! And speaking fo cute, you are the cutest pregnant lady!

  3. so happy you enjoyed your shower! they're so fun, aren't they! it's like God opens up the floodgates of provision. : ) you look as pretty as ever!

  4. You look great! Post shower pics!!:)


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