crazy coupon lady

The title coins the phrase that my dad used when he first saw my new coupon system....my coupon binder.  (Don't be fooled, he was kidding and, as an avid Dave Ramsey fan himself, is always intrigued to hear what I'm up to with my couponing.)

I started out my system with a small picture album that I wrote about here.  It worked great, but I ran out of room for all my coupons.

Next, I went to one of those small accordion type plastic folder systems.  It worked okay, but I hated how I couldn't see the coupons.

Hence, why I finally broke down and decided to be one of those shoppers in the store with a binder at hand.  So far, I'm loving it!

THE binder
 I like how I have room in the pockets to keep my grocery list and a list of my electronic coupons that are on my store loyalty card.

To organize, I purchased baseball card sleeves (found at Target).   I used small pieces of paper and taped them onto the pages to use as dividers.  Among my sections are "canned", "breakfast", "Boone", "baby", and I even have a section specifically for Target coupons.

Each section of the page holds one coupon (unless I have multiples of a coupon, then it holds them all).  If I have to fold a coupon to fit, I just make sure to fold it to where I can see the specifics and the expiration date.

So what works for you with couponing?

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  1. This encourages me to really get to couponing!! I know I could do it, I just get so overwhelmed!

  2. You are SO organized! You are definitely not a crazy coupon lady as long as you are not buying 90 bottles of mustard at one time. :)

  3. I do the binder too! But it's sooo hard toting a little one and the binder. I still do... just kinda a big to-do! Sometimes if I just need a few things, I put the coupons I need in my pocket. :)


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