I'm wondering...

How in the world do I not have the most toned, amazing looking legs right now at one day shy of 31 weeks pregnant? (I guess it could be the pounds being packed on week by week... ;)

After bending over to pick up what was probably the fourth ruler that had found it's way into a nook and cranny of a part of my classroom, I started to think about this.  You always hear to bend and lift by squatting to help with your back.  Well at this point in pregnancy (and let me add, being a person that never followed that direction), bending over at the waist to pick something up just isn't going to happen.  Belly hits front of thighs...and there you are stuck, not being able to reach whatever it is you're trying to pick up off the floor.

So my method of picking things up for the past few weeks has been the squat method , leaving room for this belly between my legs, as I reach to the floor.  And I can't help but think that my legs should be amazingly toned each time I push myself back up from that crazy squatting position.  It's like lunges on steroids with this baby belly.

Another thing...

I'm carrying around close to 15 extra pounds at this point all the time that I didn't before.  When I wake up for the 5th time at night to pee.  When I walk up and down the stairs at school to take my kids to recess, lunch, and Related Arts.  When I walk to the kitchen to get another glass of chocolate milk.  All. The. Time.  That's like a constant workout on these two legs.  Forget the machines at the gym...I've got my own built in weight attached to my mid-section.

Again, how are my legs not more toned than they've ever been?

Oh well, forget the looks of things, I'm still counting that as some of my work-out...being on my legs a lot of hours out of the day...

I read recently that the pregnant body at rest is basically working at the same rate and intensity as someone not pregnant running a marathon.  I'll buy that. (And does that mean that after I have this sweet girl, I can tell people I've completed a marathon?!)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Ha! I wonder the same thing. And pregnancy IS like a marathon!

  2. Funny story, I can just see you trying to pick those rulers up. Hang in there, your on the ride to the end of the tunnel now.

  3. I've been thinking that a lot lately too! And I love your analogy...SO TRUE! Pregnancy is like a marathon!!! I can't believe how close to the finish line we are!

  4. Haha I love this. I'm pretty sure your legs ARE strong. You're carrying a child in your belly, you ought to be strong :)
    Bisous, and good luck with those rulers!

  5. hahhaa i love this! Okay, first, when I was first pregnant and laying on the couch all day trying not to puke every 10 minutes, I always would remind tony that i was running a marathon :) I love that!
    And I am reading a bradley method book and they suggest to squat several times a day to stretch your perineal area or something, so just think of it that way-even if your legs aren't getting toned (which I agree...they should be with all this weight!!) more important things are that will make your delivery easier ;)
    Annnnd you just made me want some chocolate milk......


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