you know you're almost 33 weeks pregnant when...

bump @ 32 weeks 2 days
*You take multiple baths in one day just because it's the only time you feel semi-"normal".

*Everything aches.  From your ears to your toes.  It all hurts.

*You are starting to fully understand that weird pregnant-lady wobble you have seen other pregnant women do.  Up until now it just seemed weird and over-the-top.

*You are thinking that you should maybe create a to-do list of all the to-do lists you need to make.

*You google and/or call your mom about every.little.thing symptom that is a little weird just in case it means something.

*When people ask you, "How are you? How are you feeling?" you pause for a second to decide if you should give them the straight-up, all-details-included answer, or the quick, "Good, thanks!"

*Every weekend includes a baby shower and/or baby classes.

*Your belly looks as though it has one of those gerbil balls with a gerbil on the inside running all around inside your tummy.  And you wonder if people notice the random morphing that your stomach is doing as they are talking to you.

*On the way back to your couch, bed, desk, table at a restaurant, etc. from using the restroom, you wonder if you may need to pee again.

*Your arm is kicked off of your stomach by this little one you have yet to meet while watching TV.  (So bossy already! ;)

*You praise your hubby for going to breastfeeding class with you when so many other hubbies didn't...and then insist that you talk all about what you learned on the car ride home.  (And he happily obliges. Funny how all body awkwardness leaves once your pregnant.)

*You are starving most of the time, but can only get through half a bowl of soup before feeling full since baby is taking up so much room.

*You feel like a fire-breathing dragon due to the indigestion, heartburn, reflux, etc.

*Sadly, you have no sympathy for someone with a cold or allergies or whatever minor sickness they may have...after all, you're growing a life.

*You cannot squeeze into that pair of athletic pants, pajama pants, shirt, etc. that you just knew you would be able to wear your entire pregnancy.

*Going to the grocery is not the puke-fest it felt like it was in the 1st trimester, but it is now like a full blown-out marathon as you push the cart through the aisles.

*You wake up every morning excited you're one day closer to meeting your precious blessing.

Go ahead...all you pregnant gals or already-mommas out there, add your own in the comment section!

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  1. hmmm, I knew I was in the full term stage when...my OB and nurse began to feel more like friends than medical staff, I no longer felt bad for wanting to eat everything in sight, I realized my tummy to head ratio was way off, the nursery was all done, my pre-k students called me "fat"...the list could go on! Enjoy this sweet time with the hubby. Your life is about to change in ways you cannot even imagine.

  2. The breastfeeding comment is hilarious! Oh, what a sweet hubby!

  3. Aww :) Hope you start feeling normal again soon and have a happy end to your pregnancy!

  4. haha, I feel like I can relate to almost every single thing you said. And am cracking up about the bathroom one...almost every time I leave the restroom I stop and try to decide if I have to go again haha! No one would understand that except another momma!
    Ok here are mine....
    When you pop tums like they are m&m's
    When emptying the dishwasher or folding one load of laundry feels like a huge success and you reward yourself for it with a 'break'
    When one minute every food on earth sounds good, and the next, you can't think of anything you want to eat!
    When strangers look at you with the sympathetic head tilt and closed mouth smile as if to say 'you poor thing...you're almost done.'
    When you spend hours upon hours daydreaming about meeting your precious baby!

  5. Oh this is fun. I love your waddle one (so true) and the one when people ask you how you're doing hahaha. I always ponder a minute to think how much I should really tell them or if it's easier just to say "pretty good". Most of the time I just said pretty good.

    -When you constantly bump your belly because you still think you're little enough to fit in that space.
    -When your belly is constantly being used as a table for your cell phone, remote, papers, etc!
    -When it's just totally normal to feel movement inside you- like it's been happening your whole life.
    I could probably go on and on!

  6. I love this! haha! :-) I totally agree with all of those!!! Indigestion is the WORST! Luckily I don't have it every day! Here are some of mine...

    - When putting socks/underwear/pants on is a chore!
    - When rolling over in bed becomes an olympic event!

  7. This is hilarious! I love the "How are you" one!!! so funny. You know your pregnant when people look at you and there eyes go straight to your belly and not your face. Or when people's hands naturally gravitate towards your belly button.


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