Fitness Friday {Week 19}!!

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This was the final week of the challenge...whoo hoo! (And the post is a bit late...oops!)

How did the challenge go?

I started the challenge mainly to just get myself back on track after having Adeline.  I really wasn't at the point I wanted to be physically when I got pregnant, so I felt like I had a lot of work to do.  Although I didn't quite meet all my goals each week...I feel like I have been extremely successful during this challenge! Both my weightloss, eating habits, and activity level have encouraged me to keep up the great work.  This is all about adopting a new lifestyle.  (Plus, I can't help but notice how much exclusive breastfeeding has helped me...if nothing else, for giving me 500 calories more a day to consume!)

Was I active?

I was so great at being active at the end of my maternity leave.  I really got into the habit of working out daily and saw such an improvement with the toning of my body! However, once I went back to work, I got busy and was exhausted by the time I got home.  So although I didn't stay as active as I hoped to throughout the challenge, I have gotten a taste of the actual change being active can do to your body.  And I can't wait to start a fitness routine now that summer break is here!

Overall Weight Loss Success?

Still working toward my goal weight, but.....Yes, yes, yes! :)

Starting Weight: 129 lbs.
Goal Weight: 110 lbs.
End Weight: 112.6 lbs.

Total Loss:  16.4 lbs.

Overall Measurement Success?


Starting:  32"
End:  28"
Total Loss: 4"

Starting:  22.5"
End: 19.75"
Total Loss:  2.75"

Other Successes? 

Goal- Waist measurement: Middle of "healthy waistline" range--middle 20s or so

End Result- Close enough for me!

Goal-  Thigh measurement:  No specific measurement, but I want my thighs to not touch when standing and look less "flabby"

End Result- Success! (Plus, I feel more confident in shorts...that's huge for me!)

Goal- BMI of 20.1 (bottom part of "normal weight" level) from a 23.6 BMI

End Result-20.6 

*Turned calorie counting into second nature thanks to MyFitnessPal

*Found an awesome group of support through blogging and MyFitnessPal that have been and continues to be an awesome encouragement! (Thanks ladies...you know who you are!)

*Found more body image confidence.

*Lost all of my "baby weight" and got to a weight that is even less than when I got married.

*Gained a whole new wardrobe! ;)

I'm so glad many of you joined me along the way and worked toward your own fitness goals! Keep up the awesome work!

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