z stands for zoo!

Adeline's first trip to the zoo was a success!! We spent the day yesterday enjoying the zoo as a family.  Adeline loves her Sophie Giraffe, so we couldn't wait for her to meet "real Sophies".  She loved them.  She oohed and ahhed and talked to them.  It was so adorable.

What fun! I knew she would love it! We decided to go with a membership so that we can enjoy it for the next year.

Looking forward to more fun memories being created!

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  1. How cute! Where did you get her suit and hat!? They are adorable! :)

  2. What a cute little collage - it looks like it was a really fun day! And girlfriend knows how to rock a sun hat, she looks adorable!!

  3. What fun!! I can't wait till we can take Makayla to a zoo..unfortunately we don't live nowhere near one! :-( Looks like she enjoyed herself alot!

  4. I love your blog and your little girl is darling! You have a new follower in me! :)


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