I love. adore. swoon over. instagram.  Seriously.  My phone is my go-to camera.  Ready to snap our life in an instant.  Ready to text pictures of our sweet girl to the family immediately or quickly post to Facebook without even pulling out a camera cord.  Easy.  That's how I need life right now.  Instagram won my heart....easy, yet an artsy way to put my own, fun touch-up on those photos I snap.

Here is our life in instagram pics from here lately.  Enjoy.

playing peek-a-boo with her changing pad cover.  diaper changes are a work-out these days with her squirmy little body!

what NOT sleeping in looks like.  no matter what time she goes to bed.  same wake-up time every morning.  this is also Adeline showing off her "Ohhh" face she does quite often.

tags.  remotes.  mommy's phone.  whatever it is...the best toys to her, aren't even toys.  Lord bless her little imaginative heart.  love it!

she could watch her puppy, Boone, for.ev.er.  he loves her because she's got tasty toes to lick.

super-mom strikes again.  homemade, edible finger paint.

our little doll baby.  she is the cutest.  there I said it!

and her little 5.5 month old heart enjoying that finger paint.  mommy's little artist! so proud.

I've been dealing with some Mommy guilt too, that I need to get out.  It's the guilt that I'm not preserving our memories/life as best as I can.  I'm not taking enough pictures.  Or I'm not printing pictures often enough. Or I'm not being as organized as I want to be.  Not getting photo books printed as often as I would want.  You get the drift.  I even have a "memory keeping" board on Pinterest.  I'm a memory-hoarder.  For sure.

I know it's all irrational.  And so silly.  I'm praying that God will calm my heart and help me to be content...to quit worrying so much.  As Mom, I feel like memory-preserver is another role that I am in charge of. I gladly take on that role, but I want to be rational about it.  Adeline and our future kiddos (and future grandkiddos, Lord-willing) aren't going to know the difference if I am a bit unorganized about it, or I don't print a book for every occasion.  I know this full well.  I just need to get over it.  Justin constantly praises me and thanks me for the way I preserve our family memories.  That right there needs to be enough.  Okay, whew, got it off my chest.

So a way that I have decided to organize our memories a bit more is through instagram.  I have been wanting to get organized to do a project for each year of our lives where it catches a glimpse into our days.  Random, little moments...because those are often the most treasured.  So here is my plan...praying, praying I can stick with it. It's easy.  So I should be able to.

My "a day in the life" project plans:

-Take an instragram photo a day using those photo-a-day calendars you see on instagram or on the web.
-Download them to a folder in the computer.  (I have an instragram folder, inside that folder a folder for each year, and then inside the year a folder for each month.  I also have a "a day in the life" folder in each month to keep those separate as well as the rest of the other photos I've taken from that month into that folder.)
-Create a collage of each month using photovisi.
-Print and/or create a book of the entire year of collages into a photobook.

So there you have it.  Easy enough for me.  Not too time-consuming.  Organized.  Takes the pressure off.  And enjoyable (which shouldn't that be the most important part?)

life rearranged

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  1. That is a great memory saving idea!

  2. So after all of that hard work of being organized don't forget to back everything up!! Then you can really have ease of mind about your memory keepsake pictures. :)

  3. Paper Coterie has an instagram book too! I made one of all our instagram photos from last summer up until like two months ago. You can fit a ton of pictures of each page bc they're so small! I'm hoping to do one every year or 2 x's year just for fun because they show more of the everyday than like a holiday book or something. Just a thought you could check out!

    P.S. I hope her blue eyes stick so we can both have blue eyed brown haired babies :)

  4. I agree...I feel bad sometimes like I don't take enough photos. But really I take a ton, I just don't print them all out. I try to be organized by putting them by month and week into folders on my computer, but it's hard to find the time! You're doing great :) And instagram is kind of a mommy life saver :)

  5. I know what you mean. I do take a lot of photos of Addison. But they sit on my computer and external hard drive. Finding time to edit and print them, or make a baby book seems impossible!! I was actually just thinking about that. I do have monthly folders on my computer set up so when I make her 1 year book I know what age she was. And hopefully that will make it easy lol. And why haven't I been following you on instagram!? I don't know if you put your name anywhere but mine is @jeskapug

  6. Instagram is definitely so much more convenient than hauling around your camera :) Especially when you have your hands full with that adorable baby girl of yours!! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all have a happy Friday! I'm excited to start following along with you...

  7. Hey! The email I sent you was the wrong one, but I'm putting a link to it on my blog post!

  8. I one of the crazy people that doesn't have a smart phone yet...but I really miss not having a camera with me all the time!
    As you say, photos should just be a way of capturing a great life...they shouldn't make you stressed!

    I've just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading :)

    Rach @ www.vicarswifeintraining.blogspot.com

  9. I totally understand! I was actually going to do a blog post about this topic soon! I just feel like time is going way too fast and I need more pictures more books more videos! I am also so behind on my project 365 and need to make two month photo books! Basically I totally know how you feel!!!


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