naptime musings

A collection of random thoughts as I enjoy a little Mommy-only time during nap time...

One-We went to Adeline's 6 month check-up yesterday.  Sweet baby got three shots and this round definitely bothered her the most.  She was such a mellow, calm, drowsy little one last night.  We were all a little weirded out by it, being that she is such a rowdy, spunky, on-the-go-all-the-time baby.  I'm glad to have my spunky girl back today!

Two-The doctor stated during our visit...and I quote..."She's going to be walking at 9 months as fast and easy as she's moving already!" Mommy panic.  I'm not ready for her to do this whole growing up thing.  Time, please stop!

Three-I have three more days of the school year left.  That's crazy.  We had no snow days this year...so that means we get out super early.  Love it!

Four-Little lady is loving food.  We eat rice cereal regularly.  However, she's also ventured into carrots, sweet potatoes, and peas.  So far, she's loved them all!

Five-We are slowly but surely working on getting new living room furniture...We keep going back and forth on where to purchase a new couch and possibly a chair.  Plus, I'm pinning ideas like crazy for organization and decor on Pinterest.  Oh the possibilities!!

Six- My little brother graduated from college last weekend from the University of Kentucky! We are so proud of him! (This also makes me feel like I'm getting old...because it means that it's been 4 years that I've been in the "real world" and out of college....8 since I've been out of High School. Oh my!)

Seven- I am loving these pictures my mom took of our sweet fam a couple weekends ago at our annual Derby party/my little brother's college graduation party.  They make me smile every time!

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  1. I agree...time needs to SLOW DOWN!!! Emma Claire is movin' too!!! Crawling is right around the corner for both of us, I think!!! You look great and Miss A is adorable as always!

  2. GREAT pictures of you guys!

  3. You look FANTASTIC!! Yay for summer break! :) We have just been furniture shopping too...fun! But kind of stressful...at least for us :)
    I can't believe the dr. said she'll be walking by 9 months, ahhh! Tony walked at 8 months and that blows my mind to think that's about how old Callyn is now. I can't imagine if she was walking now! I think she is going to be crawling any day now...she's sooo close. but then, she's been so close for like a month, ha! BUt Adeline will be RIGHT behind her!

  4. It seems like each month goes by faster and faster. She WILL be walking before you know it! Yay for the end of school. Are you going back next year? Either way, I hope you have a wonderful summer home with your girl. I love the family pictures- you look wonderful! All of that hard work has really paid off!

  5. My first walked at 9.5 months. It was crazy! Beautiful family photos!


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