my little reader

We have a little reader on our hands! We have read with Adeline since day one. She loves, loves looking at books already. The pages are either being flipped by her hands or she's working on getting them in her mouth. So precious and fun!

p.s. She hit 4 months yesterday...crazy! As soon as I have the camera on hand (I borrow my Mom's), her 4 month update will be posted!

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  1. Love love love!
    That right there is Callyn's absolute favorite part of any book that she owns :) She goes nuts for that silly peacock tail!
    I guess before I had a baby I didn't know babies could turn pages so early. I was shocked when Callyn started doing it. She turns the pages in almost every story for me now. Such precious moments!! :) I'm sure the teacher in you is totally loving this!


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