Fitness Friday (week 12)

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How did Week 12 go?

I did better this week as far as calories go, but ate pretty awful! We had fast food quite a bit and ate fried food that I hardly ever eat anymore.  Gross.  Back on the wagon now!

Was I active?

Yikes...not this week! ;) My goal is to get back on track with walks since the weather is so nice and Addie loves them.

Weight Loss?

Yes...down 1.8 more! (down 12 lbs from starting weight) I am now just 7 pounds away from my goal weight! Right on track--myfitnesspal hasn't steered me wrong with the calorie amount!


No change this week.

Waist: 28.5" (down 3.5" from starting measurement)
Thigh: 20.5" (down 2.25" from starting measurement)

Week 13 Goal?

Eat 2-3 servings of low fat dairy each day.

(See my list of weekly goals here.)

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I haven't had the time to personally comment on your blogs here lately, but I am seeing your awesome work....keep it up!! You inspire me...that's for sure! :) I'm so glad many of you are finding encouragement in this weekly challenge!

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