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This weekend was one of those weekends you wish would go on and on and on! The best part was that we really had no plans set in stone so we were free to relax and take it easy. Those have always been my favorite type of weekends, but now with Adeline in our lives, it makes those weekends even better!


I took off because we had Adeline's four month check-up and shots. We spent the day relaxing at home until we had to go. We picked Justin up from work so that he could go with us to the doctor. I'm thankful for that...she squalled like crazy with these shots! I did GOBS of laundry and picking up around the house. (We hadn't cleaned in at least two weeks.) We had a yummy pinterest-inspired crock pot dinner, Cilantro Chicken, and relaxed that night at home. Perfection.


Justin worked so Adeline and I hung around the house and cleaned (I vacuumed our entire house with all 14 pounds of Adeline in the moby wrap...what a workout!!) until we met my mom for lunch at our favorite sandwich shop in our little town's main street area. Then we relaxed at home, played, and I accomplished tons more laundry. We watched the SEC tournament. I also rehashed our budget and envelope system while Adeline took her afternoon nap (which she has now started to flip completely around in her crib while she gets to sleep.) We also tried out the Petunia Pickle Bottom sling I found at TJ Maxx...Addie loved it!

When Justin got home, we headed to a fun local shopping center to meet our friend, Chad and Cheri. We picked up a new cloth diaper for Adeline at my favorite "green" store. (They were offering a $5 off coupon that you could even use on bum genius dipes...Whoo hoo!) We ate dinner and then had ice cream...I tried sea salt caramel ice cream....amazing!! We came home and relaxed.


We skipped out on church because we were just exhausted with Justin working part of the weekend and me being up a lot right now with Adeline during the night. We cuddled in bed and watched a local church on TV. :)

We had amazing weather--70s and sunny! After Adeline's morning nap we we took a family walk. This afternoon we used a Groupon to a local steakhouse and enjoyed a little family date. It was so gorgeous, we took a Sunday drive along the river...Adeline took a 1.5 hour nap while we drove (she hardly EVER takes naps that long). Now we are in our PJs early, enjoying the extra daylight...and relaxing once again.

Sorry the pictures are in random order...I'm blogging from my iPad (using the Blogger app for those of you that asked about the app I use). It places all the pics last and in random order. It's a sacrifice I'll make if I can blog this easily!

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  1. Well isn't that just a perfect weekend?! :)
    I love that you call her Addie-so precious!
    How awesome that you have a 'green' store! AND a coupon! Wow. I have had to buy all of our cloth stuff online only. Convenient I guess.
    Callyn had that little outfit Adeline is wearing-with the stripes and polka dots. Hers was 0-3 mnth and I was soo sad to pack it up :( It was one of my faves...looks so cute on your sweet girl too!
    I can't believe how much hair Adeline has! Callyn seems to be losing more of hers now :(

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I just can't get over her head full of hair!! And I 'think' we may have the same mobile!

  3. SHe is so cute and is a little chuncker just like my son. Are you breastfeeding?


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