a weekend of firsts

Out sweet girl is growing up way too quickly.  It seems like every time we turn around she has learned a new skill and is amazing us in a whole new way.  This weekend was packed full of firsts!


-It was Adeline's first St. Patrick's day.  Since she has some Irish in her blood, she had to dress up a bit to celebrate!

-Adeline spent her first day "gardening" and working on the yard with Mommy and Daddy.  She mainly spent her time being cute in her swing and sunhat. :)

-It was also her first time celebrating Mommy's birthday.  My grandma, aunt and I always have a birthday celebration together since all of our birthdays are in March.  Adeline dressed up for the family birthday festivity by wearing her first tutu.  Too adorable for words.


-Because of the gorgeous weather we've been having, Justin threw out the idea of a family picnic lunch after church.  It was a perfect idea! We grabbed KFC after church and headed to a local park.  Adeline's first picnic was a blast.

-After the picnic, Adeline went swinging and down the slide for the first time!  She loved the swing--she laughed and smiled the whole time.

-When we got home, she was exhausted.  She has been getting herself to her side in her crib and pack-n-play...but today I went in to check on her as she was going down for a nap (she was doing quite a bit of yelling--her new thing--so I knew she was up to something)...and found her on her belly.  It was the first time she's flipped over from back to belly all by herself.  (She mastered flipping from her belly to back quite a while ago.)  She wasn't crazy about it...so the new game now seems to be that we will have to flip her back to her back to go to sleep.  Although she definitely prefers sleeping on her side.

-On Saturday morning, my mom and I hit up a local kids consignment sale on its 1/2 price day.  We've been on the lookout for an exersaucer and decided we didn't want to spend close to $100 or over for a brand new one...just felt that was a bit unnecessary.  My mom made it to the sale a few minutes before Adeline and I did and found the one exersaucer they had left...we snagged it when we got there.  It was a whopping $15 and Adeline loves it.  After spending some of yesterday and today deep cleaning and sanitizing it, she spent a while this evening playing in it for the first time.  She was so excited.

-Adeline tried rice cereal for the first time on Sunday night! It was just okay to her...the spoon seemed quite interested to her. :)

What a busy, busy weekend.  But a fun one for sure!

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  1. Wow - that picture of you and her on the slide - her eyes look gorgeous!! You look cute too, haha, but let's be honest - it's all about the baby from here on out, right! And her seersucker dress is precious!

  2. How exciting!! EC just went from back to belly for the first time yesterday!!! :-) I am in the middle of a blog post about Emma Claire's "firsts" lately...I feel like there are a TON going on right now!!! Sweet little A is adorable, love her Duckey dress!!! And you look GREAT!!! Love your outfit!!!

  3. what a wonderful weekend :) love all the pictures....she sure is adorable!!

  4. we had a similar weekend, I need to blog about! Callyn is totally loving the park too...swings and slides all the way :) Isn't this weather awesome?! Love that you went on a family picnic-that sounds like so much fun! And yay for rice cereal! We totally skipped right over it since we started food a bit late, but oh well haha! firsts are so much fun, and Adeline is having LOTS of them lately it looks like. She is such a little angel baby. I love all of your pictures of her. She is so gorgeous!

  5. What a perfect weekend and so fun with all those new things for Addi! She is so adorable and I think she really looks a lot like you! I love the picture of the two of you on the slide. You look fabulous girl!

  6. i know i say this every time.....but she is sooooooo beautiful!!!! i love that you had a fun picnic with kfc! i can't wait to do that with eleanor!

  7. That yellow dress with the chicks is SO CUTE!

  8. Awe love your picnic pictures! I looove her little chick dress! Where did u find it? Aren't our babies growing up sooo fast!! I feel like just yesterday we were pregnant!


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