Fitness Friday {week 11}

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How did Week 11 go?

This week went pretty well.  I did struggle a bit more staying within my calorie limit due to it being my birthday week and us going out to eat twice...plus Justin spoiled me with some goodies at home...chocolate chip cookies for a treat and cinnamon rolls to heat up for breakfast.  Yum! Also, we had awesome weather once again but were just too busy to fit walks in.  I did stay a little active, though!

Was I active?

Friday-20 minutes of playing kickball with my kiddos at school
Saturday-15 minutes of yard work helping Justin pick up sticks in our front yard
Sunday-20 minute walk pushing Adeline
Monday-60 minute walk pushing Adeline (shopping at our local outdoor mall)
Wednesday-20 minute cardio (included "4 minute workout" and sprinting up steep driveway a few times)

Weight Loss?

Yes...down 1 more! (down 10.2 lbs from starting weight) I am now a little over 8 pounds away from my goal weight!


Down in both areas this week! How did that happen?!

Waist: 28.5" (down 3.5" from starting measurement)
Thigh: 20.5" (down 2.25" from starting measurement) -- This makes it all worth the challenge by itself!!

Week 12 Goal?

Eat a salad each day + no creamy dressings. (We buy a huge container of organic mixed greens at Costco every other week and eat salads quite a bit already throughout the week.  This should, hopefully, be an easy goal for me to hit even with my busy schedule right now.)

(See my list of weekly goals here.)

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I haven't had the time to personally comment on your blogs here lately, but I am seeing your awesome work....keep it up!! You inspire me...that's for sure! :) I'm so glad many of you are finding encouragement in this weekly challenge!

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  1. Awesome job girl!! Birthdays are hard to stay under calories and make healthy choices. Tony's birthday was a month ago and we had several celebrations and it was just hard. So go you, for losing another lb! More than halfway to your goal-woohoo!

  2. 10.2 lbs is amazing!! You are doing such a great job sticking to the challenge- even with a busy schedule and fun events! I'm so impressed girl!


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