DIY Easter Basket

As Easter approaches, all the sudden, I realized that our sweet baby girl didn't have an Easter basket.  So off to Pottery Barn Kid's website I went searching.  Well they are super cute, but what I was willing to spend only got us the personalized liner....yeah.  Not in the budget.  So the DIY-er and budget-crazy side of me got to thinking.  I was pretty sure I had all the supplies I needed at home to create a super cute Easter basket for Adeline that she could treasure for years to come.

My sewing machine has been giving me a lot of trouble lately...and thanks to my grandma and me putting our heads together, we finally found a way to work through the kinks it was giving me.  This opened up a whole new door of possibilities!

The main detail I wanted to have for her Easter basket was for it to be personalized with her name.  At first, I had no idea how I was going to pull that part off.  Oh, but I found a way!

Adeline was given a basket full of goodies after she was born from one of her great aunts in a pretty, pink basket.  I decided to re-purpose it for her Easter basket!

The other materials I had on hand to use were:

-pink material
-a monogrammed hand-me-down t-shirt

The hand-me-down was a t-shirt that was a 2T that I honestly wasn't crazy about but was very thankful to receive.  I was so excited to be able to use it to re-purpose it!

I cut out the monogram from the t-shirt, sewed it onto the material I had, and created a few cutesy rosettes.

With a little bit of time at the sewing machine and some hot glue gun work...Adeline's Easter basket is now ready for her first Easter!

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  1. HOW PRECIOUS!!! Good job mommy!! Sadly Emma Claire's name is too long for any PBK items. I think that's a blessing though ;-) ha! I am so impressed with what you did!!!

  2. what a sweet easter basket you did for her.

  3. I did something very similar to this!! I am about to do a post on it soon!!! I love the flowers too cute!!!

  4. I love the personalized Easter basket, Cait! Very creative to use old t-shirts too.


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