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Well I am taking a break from my grading of 3rd and 4th grade algebraic thinking (yes--you heard the words "third and fourth grade" and "algebra" in the same sentence) pre-assessments and Writing to Demonstrate Learning papers (sounds fun, huh...) to show you a glimpse of what our living room rug looks like.

pulling out every ounce of stuffing in search of the squeaker (can't say he gives up easily!)

the end result (defeat)

This is what a little 40-some pound beagle/lab mix (or "blab" as Justin likes to call him) can do to a stuffed chew toy. We don't usually buy him stuffed toys for obvious reasons. We tend to stick to the Nylabone goodies (which we highly recommend to those of you parents of "tough -chewers"...well worth the money). However, his sweet dog-cousin Molly, shared a few of her inherited toys with him the other day. He literally hunts out the squeaker by chewing on the toy for a few seconds...strategically places his paws on the toy to pull out the stuffing...gets the squeaker out and destroys it...and then leaves it everywhere on the carpet. Our little Boone would be one heck of a hunter. (Good thing those bunnies and squirrels run for their lives when he ventures into the yard.) We brag on how smart our little boy is.....now if only I could train him to use the vacuum cleaner. ;)
Do you have a "tough chewer" that goes through toys like it's his or her job.? Please share if you have some toy ideas for our own little tough-chewer "blab".
blessings, Cait

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  1. I have a doxie that does the same thing! She chews through any dog toy, we have to buy those super rough toys.

  2. I'm so glad I'm not alone! :)


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