snow day...numero dos

Our bungalow amidst the Winter Wonderland

Boone tracking the stick

Loving the snow

Just bein' cute

Well all of those little cuties in my class had their dreams fulfilled. Not only did we get one snow day....but the Lord blessed us with two. :) Yes, all of you non-teachers are GAGGING right now because of your lack of snow days. But come chill in my class or another teacher's class for a day...and you'll get the idea QUICKLY on why us teachers deserve those sweet days of peace. Plus, those little ones deserve a break from their hard work....they should be able to play in the snow without someone saying, "Using your schema on weather, who can infer why we would have snow today instead of rain?" (That's teacher talk, for "Why is it snowing?")


I have spent my days wisely because they are so precious. (Check out the top of this post for a few glimpses into our snow day yesterday.)

-Took down the Christmas tree, check!
-Rearranged a few things in the living room.
-Finally hung our wedding momento...a framed picture where all of our guests signed
-Perged a little...Got together a bunch of items to take to my mom's booth at our local antique/flea market
-Worked on the ol' blog
-Played in the snow!
-Took pictures of us playing in the snow
-Joined an online forum as "theblessedlife" and posted to a forum on "Money Saving Tips" for the first time giving my two cents on "cutting back"
-Added my blog to blogged.com

-Slept in...maybe a little too late...the kind of sleeping in where you wake up to get ready for lunch
-Enjoyed lunch at a local, delicious Bar-b-que hole in the wall in our little downtown with my hubby and padres
-Took all the items to our local antique/flea market
-Found three deals there at the same place...this month's edition of Better Homes & Gardens for $.78.....yes, that's 78 cents...not the $3.99 you pay in the stores, this season's Better Homes & Gardens special edition mag on home makeover ideas for $1.00 instead of the $5.99 it is in stores, and finally, a gift for my aunt for next Christmas or her upcoming bday in march (in case you didn't catch that.....I saved $8.20 on two magazines....makes my heart happy)
-Cleaned up our master bedroom
-Moved Boone's puppy bed from the corner of our room to under our bed. I'm always thinking of the little ways to his heart....for some reason he loves sleeping under our bed. (yes, i'm proud to say we have NO junk under our bed...so there is room for our little beagle/lab mix to lay his sweet head at night)
-Pondering the rest of my day...

Being that there is over 70% of the US with snow on the ground...chances are, you have snow....so enjoy your snow day. Whether it's from your work window or your own backyard.

Happy Friday!

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